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An article in Redbook magazine quotes  Cheryl Saban, Ph.D.,author of “What is Your Self Worth?” as saying "If you think a mental mini-break sounds like a limp substitute for an exotic getaway, think again. Frequent mental vacations are essential for restoring your emotional well-being," "We can’t always leave for a “real” vacation but can enjoy a mental one any time we would like. It is “daydreaming”,  a type of “self-hypnosis” with a specific purpose and benefit. It calms the mind and central nervous system, distresses, recharges you and is absolutely free.  So now why not give yourself permission to simply breath, allow positive thoughts and to create a more calm and relaxed state of being".

Guided Imagery and Visualization are a sort of a directed daydream. A purposeful use of the imagination. An easy form of meditation. Years of clinical trials prove it's efficacy in everything from healing trauma to accelerating weight loss or assisting with a variety of medical issues. It is effective because it bypasses the analytical conscious mind and speaks directly to the subconscious. You do not need to pay attention to each and every word. You might find yourself sort of drifting in and out of focus. That's ok, you are communicating with another part of your brain. The more you can engage all of your senses, sight, hearing,smell, taste the better. You do not need to be "visual" to use visualizations. We all have an imagination and know what is meant when something is described. "Guided Imagination" might have been a better term to have labeled it. 

                                                  Stay Tuned, More Destinations to Come!!!

Mental Vacation Series

Urban dictionary’s top definition of a mental vacation:
“Mild cerebral hiatus from consciously entertaining expectations from the perilous and numbing things that infiltrate our lives (e.g. bill collectors, crappy jobs, stale relationships, etc). It can last as long as one desires, and, depending on one's skill, can go completely unnoticed.”

Need to get away?
Here are three essential steps that will help you discover your own escape.
1. Allow yourself to let go. 2. Turn off distractions. 3. Surrender to your senses.  

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