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Advanced Hypnotherapy in San Diego's free self-hypnosis instruction page.

Use it to stop smoking, lose weight, manage pain, reduce stress, improve performance, what can you imagine...(You can print out this page to keep as a reminder of how to make hypnosis work for you.)
Everyone experiences trance like states throughout the day. You have already read about this in the “about hypnosis” section of this website. It’s time to start fresh and begin reprogramming your mind with this wonderful tool. Are you ready?

Here is how to do it…  
-Find a comfortable quiet place to practice. Sitting up or lying down. 
-Hold a positive expectation that you will see results from your practice.
If you record your suggestions you will exit trance when your tape is up. Alternatives to taping are to use music to cue you, or a gentle alarm, or perhaps even just telling yourself you will awaken when a predetermined time has elapsed.

Simple Inductions (ways to induce a trance)
1.Progressive relaxation – Focusing on each muscle group in the body starting at the top of the head and allowing it to relax. It can help to tense and then relax each group as you focus on it.
2. Eye fixation – Find a spot to focus on keeping your gaze fixed upon the spot, take several deep breaths keeping your eyes fixed upon the spot, begin giving yourself suggestions, as you experience any other thought keep bringing your focus back to that spot. Your eyes will tire and eventually close as you continue your suggestions.
3. Imagery – An example of using imagery would be to imagine you are like a candle. Bright warm light on top and your body is melting like the wax. Become aware of all of your senses during the process.

Remember there is no right or wrong way – this is not rocket science, have fun.

Ways to deepen the trance
Imagine yourself going down a staircase deep inside your being.
counting backwards from ten to one, play ¼ tempo music to entrain your body to a slower rhythm or simply be silent and focus on your slowing breath.

Suggestions may be recorded in you own voice or written on paper to be repeated.Starting out keep them specific and positive.

Post hypnotic suggestions can enhance the experience. They may be as simple as linking turning off the light switch to a sound nights sleep or linking a deep breath with a relaxation response. (“Anytime I would like to feel more comfortable all I need to do is take a deep breath and relaxation washes over me.”)

Count yourself up to full awareness, knowing that you have achieved your goal. 

Your subconscious mind acts upon your most dominant thought. Any thought you repeat to yourself for 21 days is accepted by your subconscious mind as fact. You now have a new tool to help you grow in a positive way. Enjoy your practice.

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