I would like to thank everyone who has offered a testimonial for their kind words. The services I provide are of a very personal nature. I am honored that these individuals were so open in sharing their experience so that others might benefit from my services. Hypnosis is a very effective tool that can help to improve your life in many areas, there is much evidence to support that statement, yet it is not a panacea. Result are unique to the individual and results may vary from person to person. 

From Yelp

"Lynn changed my daughter's life- she had anxiety and couldn't fall asleep. I learned so much from her as well- she explained the whole process in a very scientific, brain-researched way. Worth every penny!"

Leslie H.  3/03/2019

Results may vary from person to person


​"I came here because of the reviews and her proximity. I am so glad I did! Lynn is helping me recover from an emotional emergency c section and postpartum anxiety. She has given me a swiss army knife of coping tools. Lynn is a kind and empathetic listener who has helped me change a negative narrative I had looped in my hear into a positive story. I am so thankful." 

Regina S. 7/02/2016

Results may vary from person to person


​"Lynn is helping me quit smoking and other bad habits. As mentioned in many other reviews, Lynn is very professional, talented and kind. She definitely knows what she's doing. I really enjoyed being hypnotized for the first time in my life. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it. Lynn responds to emails very fast and provides detailed answers to your questions or concerns. She is also very affordable. I'm very grateful I found her and I'm sure you will feel the same way."

Charlie W.  02/02/2016

Results may vary from person to person

"I can not say enough positive things about Lynn and her services. She is genuine, kind, caring, intuitive and  talented at what she does.   I have seen her several times over the last few years for different situations in my life. Here are examples of things that she helped me with.  I needed help ending an unhealthy relationship the hypnotherapy, EFT, and her intuitive style were all invaluable in helping me make the changes that I wanted to make in my life.  
At another time she helped me prepare for a surgery. The hypnotherapy and EFT helped with both pre-op and post-op results and recovery.   
I highly recommend Lynn.  What she does can transform your life!"

Terry S.  5/23/2013 
Results may vary from person to person
 "I found Lynn though the Internet.  I took a leap of faith in agreeing to visit her and allowing her to use her services.  I was in a very deep and dark place.  After 15 months of very hard work and under Lynn's guidance, and counseling, I am steering my ship in a much better direction and through her expert use of EFT, I am managing  my hang ups and to a large extent eliminating a lot of the garbage that I had when I first started seeing Lynn!  When I thank Lynn, she always says that I was the one who did the work, since she is very modest, but we all know that a boxer without a good trainer is nothing.  There is nothing miraculous here, Lynn help me draw out stuff, we analyzed it together, and through  her training and use of different techniques including EFT, has placed me in a much, much better place.  Again, Lynn won't accept the applause, but she really is the reason, I am happy again, and am happy to post this."
Fred S.  5/08/2013
Results may vary from person to person
"My boyfriend saw what a mess I was after my first chemotherapy infusion. He was getting concerned that I wasn't going to be able to withstand the horrors of cancer treatment. He suggested we look for a hypnotherapist. He went through the phone book looking for someone who would be available for this emergency ASAP, and who would be able to handle medical phobias. And the one he picked was Lynn Whitmire. I totally lucked out on that one. 
I honestly had had no hope of hypnotherapy working. I'm a strong believer in cognitive therapy, and I frequently engage, with great success, in guided writing exercises for self-therapy. That method of resolving psychological issues takes time. For me, anti-anxiety drugs just make things worse. So I didn't see anyway that I would be able to master my fear in time to muscle through my second infusion. 
But by the time Lynn was done with me, I was ready for my infusion and everything else the medical establishment threw at me, including indifferent doctors, nasty nazi-like nurses, incompetent people, pain, and post-treatment disabilities.  
Lynn was amazing. She was a careful listening, critical thinker, very smart, very knowledgeable, a really nice person, and extremely adaptable. If she was not an expert in some area, like complex medical conditions and treatments, she was eager to learn about it in order to find exactly the right way to offer help appropriate for my situation. The chemo and surgery gave me nightmares, waking and asleep, and she made those go away too. She was even able to help me with the long-term side-effects of cancer treatment, though she had never attempted that before and wasn't sure she could make a difference. For example, my chemo drugs damaged the nerves in my feet and hands to the extent that they constantly hurt and felt numb at the same time, and I had trouble walking and balancing because I could no longer judge where the floor was. And the chemo also completely disrupted my autonomic nervous system so that I was having alternating hot flashes and freezing chills every five minutes. She didn't know whether she could help with these things, but she gave it a shot and it worked. I learned to control the pain in my feet and the temperature disregulation with my mind. It was simply astounding. 
Lynn welcomes skeptical questions and wants to make everything clear. She has all sorts of techniques in her arsenal, and if she tries one and it is too disturbing or if she can tell that it isn't working, she just moves on to the next technique. She explains everything she is doing and how it works, and then she tells you how to do and sends you off with homework so you can practice. 
The biggest advantage for me at the time was how fast I was able to get my phobias under control. I had about four days to get from paralyzing fear, to calmly and voluntarily going in for my second chemotherapy infusion. Lynn made it happen. And now, 3 years after all this started, I still use her techniques to get through all sorts of challenges with calm grace. 
The results of my sessions with Lynn were that I saw all of my upcoming tests and treatments differently. Yes, it was horrible that I had cancer, and horrible that it would require chemotherapy and surgery. But I learned how to see it less as a cruel assault on the integrity of my body and more as life-giving assistance. I don't know how I would have got through my treatments without her help."

C.R. 3/18/2015
Results may vary from person to person
"I have had many sessions ( EFT session) with Lynn Whitmire a few years ago. She had been a wonderful help to me while I was going through such stressful times due to some health issues. She is very professional, knowlegable and I learned a lot about EFT during the sessions. Not to mentioned she was so supportive, caring, and the kindest the whole time! Materials she provided were very helpful, and she recommended several books back then, and I really enjoyed them. I can't recommend her enough." 
S.Y. 6/29/2015
Results may vary from person to person
"I have gone to Advanced Hypnotherapy since 2008 and I have only positive things to say about Lynn and her services. She has always been very attentive and understanding when I've discussed my anxiety with her. Each time I leave feeling happy and calm, knowing that I had a productive visit. I highly recommend Advanced Hypnotherapy. Lynn is the best!"
Veronica G. 6/2/2015
Results may vary from person to person
"I could go on for days about how wonderful I think Lynn is. First, she is knowledgeable. She knows her stuff. If you take one of her trainings you will come out ready to work. Next, she is professional. I did mostly tapping with her and it was always extremely helpful and I NEVER felt judged when I was sharing my deepest and darkest. In her office is one of the places I feel most safe. Finally, she is supportive. Whenever I need anything she is there for me without question. I love me some Lynn and Advanced Hypnotherapy!"
Jessica B. 05/05/2015 
Results may vary from person to person
"I want to say I had the most amazing experience. Lynn really is an amazing person, very respectful, professional on all levels. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking help in their personal life."
Franz 3/05/2014
Results may vary from person to person

Training & Workshops

"I first met Lynn a couple of years ago when I took her Hypnotherapy Certification Training course, which was excellent. Lynn is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in multiple holistic and spiritual modalities, making her an exceptional teacher and therapist. I learned so much from her! I continue to use all the wonderful tools she taught me in my business and personal life.
During the 5 month course, Lynn also led us students in multiple processes, including group hypnosis. I've worked with other hypnotherapists before, but none brought me as deep into a healing state as Lynn did.
She is also incredibly generous,  professional, and caring. She brings real integrity to her work. I highly recommend Lynn's Training course, and also her individual sessions. She is a brilliant, effective, and deeply compassionate. I trust her 100%!"

​Kristyn C.  2/12/2016

Results may vary from person to person


“Thank you so much! I am a non-smoker. I breezed through the holidays without gaining any weight and I was able to cope with a difficult relative and didn’t smoke. My husband is very happy.” 
M. K. San Diego
Results may vary from person to person
" I don't know what you did to me but I haven't even thought of a cigarette since I left your office. It's fabulous! 
K.N. Los Angeles
Results may vary from person to person
Weight Loss
"I reached my ideal weight and am now eating healthy foods. I always knew what to do, but hypnosis helped me to do it." 
P.R. Oceanside
Results may vary from person to person
“I was filled with energy after our session. I am more active than I have been in months focusing on my ideas and following through on my career. I’m glad we got together.” 
B. F. Carlsbad
Results may vary from person to person
"I saw an improvement after the first session. I beleive I am now ready to be "pull-free". I feel so much better now. Thanks for working with me." 
L.H. San Diego
Results may vary from person to person
Public Speaking
"My supervisor told me that it (presentation) was the best I ever did. My colleagues all want your number now." 
M.P. San Diego
Results may vary from person to person

"You would be proud of me. I was able to be very relaxed during the procedure (surgical) using the techniques you taught me and after a while it just sort of happened automatically." 
D.B. San Diego
Results may vary from person to person
"I noticed a dramatic improvement in my sleep and I am pretty much insomnia free now. I haven't slept this good in 15 years. It's pretty amazing. I truly do believe in the power of the hypnotherapy sessions I received. I am also still not smoking after almost a year." 
C.R. San Diego
Results may vary from person to person
"I haven't thought about the relationship that had haunted me for 2 years at all. I am ready to believe in myself again." 
Q.S. San Diego
Results may vary from person to person
"After our session I was able to meet with my relatives without feeling pressured to agree with them. I was able to hold my own and feel comfortable in my beliefs without anger or guilt." 
R.K. San Diego
Results may vary from person to person
Test Anxiety
"I had taken the LSAT several times. I was always scoring in the 130’s. I need to do better than that to get into my dream law school. I took the Princeton Review class, where I had several practice tests, always in the 130’s. Then I took the EFT test anxiety class. In 3 hours, I removed the emotional charge on several aspects of my standardized test taking challenges. Feeling like there could not be enough time, seeing others' pencils busy when I am stuck, feeling like I can't give up on a question that I have already spent a lot of time re-reading without understanding and several other issues, let me score 159 on my following practice LSAT. I am confident I'll do just fine on my December LSAT.”
Julie S. September 2009 Test Anxiety Workshop
Results may vary from person to person
Sharon L. attended the October 2009 Test Anxiety Relief Workshop. She found that her anxiety about testing situation was really about a need to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect student. She had the need to practically memorize her assignments. As she let go of her fear of other people’s opinions, she reported she was able to find the confidence she needed to focus on a new way of preparing and taking exams. 
Results may vary from person to person

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