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How can hypnosis at San Diego Advanced Hypnotherapy help me with smoking, losing weight, managing anxiety, control my fear and phobias, increase self esteem, be comfortable with public speaking, manage stress, relieve pain, overcome trauma, prepare for medical or dental procedures, activate motivation, improve sports and business performance, overcome procrastination, improve concentration, memory and test taking, improve relationship issues, increase confidence, achieve emotional freedom, find lost items and release unwanted habits like nail biting, hair pulling and more?
I wonder if you already know...

Everyone experiences a trance like state many times throughout the day. Have you ever been watching television or reading a book and been so engrossed you didn't notice that someone was speaking to you? Or perhaps you may have been driving, so absorbed in your thoughts you didn't notice you passed your exit. You were in a trance state. The difference between you and most other people is that now you are learning how to consciously use and understand this powerful brain wave state to improve your life.

The subconscious mind is neutral and accepts what ever we program into it positive or negative. Most of our lives we have been subject to negative hypnosis from other individuals (however well meaning) as well as from ourselves. How many times have you caught yourself saying I can't do this, I'm not smart enough, I'm not good enough, I'm not attractive enough? Its time to start fresh and begin reprogramming your mind with this wonderful tool. Are you ready? Here is how we begin...

What is hypnosis?  Hypnosis is a natural self-created state. A state you slip in and out of many times throughout the day. When you are in hypnosis your mind and body are relaxed, while the subconscious mind remains alert and receptive to suggestion. Hypnosis is a communication process that allows the conscious and subconscious mind to believe the same thing. It is like a bridge from the conscious to the subconscious mind. Suggestions bypass the conscious mind and zero in on the subconscious.When given a new suggestion that is within your belief system, the subconscious mind accepts it literally as a new reality.This is how hypnosis helps you "reprogram" yourself with new, more desirable, behaviors and attitudes.

What is guided imagery and visualization? 
Visualization and guided imagery are as simple as picturing and imagining something you desire and allowing yourself to enjoy this picture as if you were already there. 

How the mind works. Most people have heard of the electrical activity that occurs in the brain in the form of brainwaves, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.The hypnotic state is achieved by taking the brain from Beta (the state we spend most of our day in) to Alpha (the calm relaxed state much like the state just before you fall asleep or when you first wake up.)
Your subconscious mind controls the majority of your consciousness. It stores our beliefs, habits, emotions, long-term memory, protects us from danger and runs involuntary bodily functions. It acts out on any image, idea or concept that is implanted in it. It is neutral and accepts whatever we feed into it.  Much like a computer accepts whatever we program into it. One of my mentors refers to it as our "Faithful Servant". This is why it is so hard to change our behaviors, like quitting smoking, with willpower. The subconscious mind holds the key.
The conscious mind is analytical and rational. It controls willpower, working memory, and voluntary body functions. It can look, learn, listen, reason, judge, analyze, criticize, accept or reject information. At maximum functioning it comprises only a small percent of our consciousness.
Since the subconscious mind is in control of all of your beliefs and automatic responses, it is where true change occurs.

Can hypnosis control me like those people in the stage shows?  No! All   Hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is not something that the hypnotherapist does to you. It is a state of 100% consent. The hypnotist is not able to make you "quack like a duck" as seen in stage shows or make you tell your deepest secrets. Stage shows can be a lot of fun and that is where most people have gotten their first exposure to hypnosis. The people on stage have given their consent and want to participate in these activities for entertainment. A hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything that is against your belief system or morals. In fact, if the hypnotherapist tried to do so, you would immediately emerge from hypnosis. You are always the one in control. Remember all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Can hypnosis hurt you? No. The American Medical Association and The American Psychiatric Association approve hypnotherapy for use by professionally responsible individuals. There has been no documented case of anyone being hurt by hypnosis.

Can I be hypnotized?  You may not realize it, however, naturally you are in hypnosis or an alpha brainwave, trance like state many times during the day. In order to be hypnotized you must want to be hypnotized. The hypnotherapist simply acts as a coach or guide to help you do the work.

What if I can't VISUALIZE?  Everyone has an imagination. Some people may not see an actual image and that is ok. We all have different ways to take in and process information. Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smell are all channels through which we 
process information and communicate with each other. No one way is better than another. The mind knows and understands what is meant without having to "see" an image. 

Why should I use hypnosis?   It is the easiest, most effective way to change with the least discomfort. Affirmations and will power can be very helpful in reprogramming your mind however it takes at least 21 days to modify behavior. Most people give up before then. Hypnosis gets your conscious and subconscious mind on the same page almost instantly. The key is you have to really want it for yourself.  

What do I have to do?  Here's what you can do to help in the process. Your hypno-therapist doesn't possess a magic wand. Hypnosis is a cooperative venture; you are in always in complete control. 
1. You have to want it. (Whatever change you are seeking)
2. Keep a positive attitude. Your attitude about the session is everything.Think of your subconscious mind like a room in which all of your emotions and behaviors are stored. At the door stands your conscious mind guarding new ideas and suggestions from entering. The guard (conscious mind) will allow in only suggestions that you like and know will work. If you are uncomfortable, neutral or just hope that a suggestion will work, your guard (conscious mind) not allow it to enter the room (subconscious mind).  Being open and receptive to suggestions will help to reprogram your subconscious mind. You in fact, are the holder of the magic wand.
3. Make certain you have asked any questions you may have about the process. Your hypnotherapist is there to educate you about the process and wants you to be thoroughly comfortable. To insure your success any questions or fears should be alleviated before the session begins.
4. Remember this is not rocket science, it's ok to relax and have fun!

What is a session like? When you enter the office you will find a professional environment. You will be seated in a comfortable chair with pleasant music playing in the background while you and your hypnotherapist will discuss your goals and any concerns you may have. Once you are completely comfortable your hypnotherapist will guide you through techniques to relax your physical body and conscious mind. Most people find hypnosis to be a very pleasurable experience. One client refers to it as a "mental massage". Actually, wonderful things do occur in the physical body any time that you experience deep relaxation. Cascades of beneficial neurochemicals flood your body. Some people describe their experience as drifting, floating or heavy; some sense no difference at all. You don't need to be in a "deep" state for the work to be effective (television commercials are the best example of this). In fact you will be more aware of everything happening around you. Hypnosis is not sleep. The session will last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Everything that you have discussed is completely confidential.  

How long is a session and how many sessions will it take? The first session will last 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Subsequent sessions will last one hour. Please arrive 10 minutes early to insure time for parking and to fill out any paperwork. Many issues can be addressed in one session, however since it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, three sessions are recommended for most issues. You may review the issues highlighted in the Medical Hypnosis section to get an idea about your particular concerns or call for free consultation.

Does insurance pay for hypnotherapy? Insurance may cover some hypnosis sessions with a prescription from your doctor. Check with your insurance company to see if hypnotherapy is a covered benefit. Currently as this web site is written, Medicare is considering covering hypnosis for medical purposes such as smoking cessation. 

What does it cost?   $149.00 per session. 

What do I do next?  
Call or e-mail for a free consultation or to book an appointment (858) 270-5756.